you’re not missing out

‘you are not missing out on anything when you’re getting your act together’

i think my very favourite new year’s on record was the one welcoming in 2015.

Harls & i had just been approved for this cute little house we had applied to rent & possession date was january 1. it had been a pretty tough christmas, working & being away from my family so i wasn’t expecting to celebrate new year’s anyway.

we ended up getting the keys to what would be our new, adorable home a day early & carload by carload we moved our stuff out of the dumpy basement suite we were renting into the new, lovely little house we now called home (we had no furniture at the time & had been sleeping/sitting on air mattresses & large floor pillows).

after several sweaty hours of lifting & carrying boxes, we finally had everything in just as the 10 minute countdown to 2015 had started.

and let me tell you, that one little moment that i opened a bottle of champagne to toast the new year & our new home was one of the happiest moments of my life.

i think it was the magic created by having a safe, comfortable place to call home (after being away from my family for so long), treating myself to whatever i wanted to eat & drink that night (without guilt over price or caloric intake) & being with the one i loved (my lil Harls).

and 2015 turned out to be one of my best years. and 2016 was equally as amazing. and life only got better in 2017.

but then the stumble of 2018 happened. and the complete breakdown of 2019.

and now, days away from 2020 – i feel like i need to ring it in with a super special celebration.

while a struggle personally, most of 2019 was actually full of big events & fun times… folk fest, seeing both michelle & barack obama speak, the grey cup in calgary, fancy fundraisers & several vacations & trips.

so how do you top all that? what do you do to close out a year that was already packed with some pretty cool experiences?

social media highlights always show people in the prettiest sequined dresses, at the fanciest parties, kissing the most gorgeous people at the end of the big countdown. is that what I want too? do i go out? get all dolled up & go with my friends?

or do i stay in with my family, in my sweats, eating junk food & watching movies? or is that going to make me wish i was out with my friends?

does it really even matter? it’s just a day isn’t it? but 2020 is a big one. an important one, no?

my answer came early this morning when i woke up to bulldog breath on my face (a story for another post but last month i kind of adopted a pound puppy) & i realized that i need to recreate that magic from years ago.

different, obviously, because i’m in a way different place in my life – but staying home with my newly adopted daughter, snuggling in under the blankets, watching movies, surrounded by snacks.

and i know i won’t regret anything or feel like i’m missing out at all.

so if you’re struggling to nail down your new year’s plans, try asking yourself two questions: who do you love the most & what do you love to do the most?

and spend your new year’s with them, doing those things.

no matter where you are, you can’t go wrong if you’re doing what you love with who you love.

xxoo, k


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