you know


looking back there were so many warning signs.

so many times i knew… but ignored it all.

you know those moments – the ones when you realize what they are really like.

when you see that you deserve better.

when you start to figure out that you are truly better off without them.

when you know that you will be okay no matter what.

even though your heart is breaking. even though there’s a tiny voice in your head that doubts yourself.

even when you wake up the next morning with a little less clarity & a little less resolve.

you know that choosing yourself & your happiness was the right decision.

and i hope that you will continue to choose yourself again & again.

xxoo, k

2 thoughts on “you know

  1. Our willingness to change occurs when we have the strength to carry it out. Sometimes we can do it ourselves, but much of the time success occurs because we have someone to lean on for support. Never forget those individuals who were there for us when we were most vulnerable

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