you can’t do this alone


‘i can’t do this. i can’t do this yet.’

well yesterday i realized i can’t do this alone either. and that’s okay.

i’m talking about life & some of the harder, not so nice experiences that we can encounter.

like yesterday afternoon when i felt like five-year-old kahla crying & reaching for my mama.

literally. crying & hugging my mom. i was booked in to have a minor procedure done (i am a-okay i promise!) but i do NOT do very well in hospitals. or with needles. or scalpels. or stitches.

so i asked my mama to take me to my appointment, thinking that having her in the waiting room with me would keep my mind from racing & running wild with all sorts of scary, gory thoughts. or keep me from just walking out before the doctor came to get me.

but when time came to take the long walk to the operating room, i needed her to come with me. and hold my hand the whole time.

yes i, a 32-year-old fully grown woman squeezed my mama’s hand & teared up irrationally at a couple little cuts.

now i adore my doctor & again – i’m fine, just a tad sore – but it really hit me as we were leaving the hospital that i wouldn’t have done it without her. i mean i could barely answer the questions at the admittance desk! that poor medical records gal probably thought i was nutso!

and it didn’t end there! mama took me to get coffee & groceries & made sure i was settled in okay.

all of this has me thinking about other times in my life i thought i couldn’t do something & all it took was reaching out to a friend or family member or even a co-worker for support to get it done.

and i know it’s so easy to say ‘just ask for help’ but in reality, it can be really hard to admit you can’t do it all by yourself. and harder still to admit it out loud & ask someone for help. but we can’t do everything all the time all alone. and that’s okay. that’s normal.

if you’re struggling or scared or suffering – why do it alone? people love you. people want to help you.

whether it’s a physical helping hand or advice or a pep talk or a hug – there is someone out there who is more than willing to help you get through the thing that’s weighing on you.

even right now i’m resting up at my grandparent’s farm, watching wrestling with my gee-gee (grandpa) & eating my baba’s (grandma’s) pierogies. the alternative? sitting at home alone in pain eating crackers straight out of the box.

so, i’ll take the help when i need it. i’ll take the love & support.

and when my people are in a tough spot – you better believe i’ll be there for them too.

xxoo, k

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