you are the author


‘you can trust the next chapter of your life because you are the author’

by the time i walk out of the house at 3:30 most mornings i’ve already written pages of words.

yes, pages. starting in my gratitude journal, then to my list of my dreams & then my intentions for the day.

it’s a routine i got into during the final days of my marriage when things were really rough & i felt like i had no control over my days.

i would sit with Harley in the early morning hours & write out a plan for the next 24 hours – how i wanted to feel & what i wanted to accomplish.

i’d take a picture of Harley beside that list & make it the screensaver on my phone & i feel like it made a world of difference.

it set the tone & gave me something to work towards, to focus on. it got me through the day at a time when i didn’t even want to get out of bed.

it also made me aware of how much power i really had. how powerful words really are.

and even though i’m feeling a lot better now, i still write.

when i sleep in or just brush it off as something i’ll do later – i notice a huge difference. i feel like my day sort of runs me.

anytime i come home in the afternoons stressed & exhausted & wondering what the heck is going on – it’s almost always on a day that i didn’t reach for my pen first thing when i woke up.

my list used to be filled with simple things like ‘smile today, eat something green, wash your makeup off before bed…’ little steps just to get me through the day.

now the lists are big & bold & wild & full of dreams that get me excited & keep me moving forward.

i know the power of my words & i will continue to fill pages full of the words that will move me into my future.

xxoo, k

4 thoughts on “you are the author

  1. Kayla, I was a huge fan of yours on CTV Regina when you were here. I see you as a beautiful young woman with a smile that lights up a room a sweet kind warm personality that can accomplish wonderful things. I’m also sorry your life dreams fell apart. I’m happy to see you are slowly finding your way back to what you want and dream of. It must take a lot to write about what you’ve gone through and share it with so many. I follow your blog and can see the difference in your resolve to take care of you first and that’s what really matters, is you. Keep writing and I for one will keep reading. ❤️

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