you are #1


‘you’re the most beautiful & expensive thing you’re ever going to own’ – kirsty godso

spending so much time at home & on my phone texting, calling & messaging loved ones to check in & stay connected, i can’t help but notice all the ‘self-care’ posts going around.

and i love it, i really do, but i know first-hand how it can be easier said than done.

i mean it’s not hard to pick up the book, or run the bath or put your shoes on for a walk… the challenge i find is in being in the moment.

life is stressful & full of to-do’s (even when we’re not in the middle of a pandemic) & it can be difficult to shut everything out & just be in the wonderful, relaxing moment you are trying to create for yourself.

self-care means actually putting yourself first. 

not trying to read for 20 minutes but checking your phone to make sure everyone else is doing okay.

not sitting in the bathtub, worrying about emailing your boss back.

and not walking around your neighbourhood, while your mind goes back & forth with thoughts of toilet paper & hand sanitizer!

now i don’t have kids (yet!) & i am going through this time alone so my perspective is most likely a little different than others, but i do have my own set of commitments, obligations & responsibilities & i truly do believe the saying that ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’.

you need to take care of you, fuel yourself & then go do your best work & your best loving!

and most of the time (hopefully!) it can wait. your work, chores, emails & obligations can wait the 20 or 30 minutes you carve out for yourself.

so – how do you clear out the chatter so that you can actually relax & focus on you?

here are some of the things that work for me – my ‘pre self-care’ tips if you will:


–i blast & sing along to one of my favourite songs to fill my mind with something else (shake it out by florence + the machine, take back the city by snow patrol & somebody loves you by betty who – always work for me!)

–i put my hands on my stomach & focus on my breath moving them up & down for a few minutes

–when negative or distracting thoughts come into my head, i picture them as bubbles & i imagine popping them so they go away

–i repeat one of my favourite mantras (‘you owe it to yourself’, ‘you deserve this’, ‘i am enjoying this moment i am in’, ‘i am positive, patient & present’ are some easy ones i like to use)

–i look at pictures of Harley & Poppy (if you don’t have a pet – social media has lots of sweet furbabies with their ‘own’ accounts, check out @roadogs, @threegreatscotts & @curiouszelda on instagram)


whatever you do, just commit to you! you really do deserve it!

and honestly, if you’re new to the whole ‘me time’ movement – welcome! – but also – there’s really never been a better time to get into it.

we’re at home. we have the time. we have the overwhelming feelings to process.

give it a try & let me know how it goes.

and let me know in the comments below how you are dealing with the shake up in your routine!

xxoo, k


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