who will you be??

‘life isn’t about who you once were, it’s about who you are now & who you have the potential to be’

super, duper similar to the last quote i posted but it’s something that i’m still stuck on after all of the sweet comments & messages i’ve received.

i teared up more than once reading through all of the kind, supportive words & i realized that the community i’ve found on afternoons with harley is quickly becoming the best part of writing.

especially when some of you have faced – or are facing – some incredibly challenging moments in your own life & are still able to offer your support.

i mean it’s just astounding how some people are able to walk around, spreading love after their own loss & heartbreak.

you’re showing me that no matter what broken state we may find ourselves in – there’s always the potential to heal & be happy & thrive again.

the possibility is there.

and i want to go for it.

but while the support of the ‘awh’ community, my family & friends is making a huge difference each & every day – at the end of the day – i know it’s really up to me to reach that potential.

no one can do that for me.

there’s no book that’s been written.

no podcast that’s been recorded.

no new partner that i could meet.

no sweet comment that’s strong enough (even if it’s from my mama) that can get me to where i want to be or where i need to be.

looking back on it, yea, my ‘dream life’ did blow up in my face, but the dream is still there even if the life is very different.

and i’m not going to stop chasing that dream of having the warm, cozy home with my loving partner, kiddos & rescue dogs running around.

that dream will be there, no matter what my current reality looks like.

and i’ll keep working towards it, while remembering that there’s always the potential to heal.

but until i get there – i just want to say even the smallest comments, a ‘hey how are you doing’ really mean a lot to me.

so thank you & please stay connected (or join our community!) on facebook, twitter & instagram!

xxoo, k

7 thoughts on “who will you be??

  1. Never give up on your dream Kahla. You are a beautiful person with a beautiful soul. It may take a while to get to where you want to be, it may seem like forever. Life takes us along strange paths sometimes, follow those paths, all those twists and turns, it took me 6 years after my dear hubby passed, strange paths sometimes. But I found the way to happiness again. Instead of a life alone I have a wonderful partner and three more daughters and a son. Who knew? It will be there for you. Please don’t give up.

  2. Life is like a movie…but YOU get to be the writer, director, producer, and protagonist. So…YOU get to write in whatever you want. I hope it all comes to what you want…including the happily ever after part.

  3. Never give up. Life is short and meant to be lived To be happy stay healthy and if you believe in yourself everything and someone will fall into place. 🤗

  4. Hey Kahla
    Hope you are doing well and glad you can use your blog as a way to vent and to share with others things you are going through. Many people are going through at least one battle of their own so sometimes that can be a help to them and to you hearing each other’s stories.

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