who is holding you back?


who are ‘they’?

the ones that scare you.

the ones that judge you.

criticize you.

hurt you.

are they real?

are they standing over you whispering in your ear all the ways that you’re doing it wrong?

are they calling you to share the ways that you’ll fail?

texting you to ask ‘who do you think you are?’?

or are ‘they’ in your head?

are ‘they’ your fears?

your worries?

your insecurities?

who are ‘they’?

is it actually you?

are you the one telling yourself that you’ll never make it?

that you’re unqualified.

that you’re not good enough to do the things you want to do most.

if you look hard enough, you’ll find tons of reasons to stop, to give up, or never even try in the first place.

and you don’t need to give yourself any additional reasons to stay stuck or stall out.

you don’t need to be hard on yourself.

heck – you can’t afford to be hard on yourself.

you need to be your biggest support. your biggest fan.

and be louder than ‘they’ are.

drown out the noise coming from inside, outside – everywhere if you want to do life your way.

xxoo, k



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