what is it??

seriously. ask yourself this very important question.

life can be pretty tough sometimes, even without all the added pandemic stress, so anytime you can work a little extra happiness into your day – why wouldn’t you??

so – what makes you happy?

and i’m not talking about the things you think you *should* do, like finishing all the laundry or vacuuming or cleaning out the garage.

i’m talking about what makes your heart & soul happy??

i have this written out on a sticky note on my living room mirror & i actually made a list of things that light me up.

and i started that list by noticing every time i heard a little voice saying ‘no, maybe you shouldn’t’…

that’s when i knew that i most definitely should!

like having that extra cup of coffee in the afternoon. i used to think ‘you’re not supposed to have too much caffeine, you’ll never be able to sleep, etc…’

but you know what? i ignored it & i’m happily caffeinated & sleeping just fine.

speaking of sleep, it also makes me happy to have five pillows & three comforters on my bed. and at first that little voice said ‘nothing matches, this is excessive, what if you run out of clean bedding…’

and maybe i will but in the meantime, i’m buried in my mountains of pillows & layers of blankies in complete happiness & snoozing like a baby.

and that voice that followed me into the bedroom, made it’s way into my closet too.

i love black. it’s my favourite thing to wear. it’s my favourite colour. it makes me feel the most like myself.

and that little voice sounded like a lot of stylists i’ve met & a lot of fashion blogs i’ve read when it started saying ‘you shouldn’t wear all black, it’s not that attractive, you need a pop of colour…’

so, i kicked it out of the closet too & these days you’ll pretty much find me in head to toe black.

shushing those little voices & outside noises doesn’t just pertain to the small everyday things either.

going back to school, choosing to end a relationship, changing careers – anything that makes your heart excited is worth going for.

regardless of what those voices inside your head are telling you.

ask yourself what would truly make you happy & then go for it.

if it doesn’t work out or it ends up not making you happy, you can always change it or choose something different.

you can try something else. anything else.

but isn’t your happiness at least worth taking the chance?

isn’t it worth ignoring the inner critic & the outside negativity & taking an honest to goodness shot?

let me know in the comments below what’s making you happiest on this sunny sunday afternoon – or tag me in a photo on instagram, facebook or twitter.

xxoo, k

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