what i’m worth


self acceptance. self confidence. self love.

three lines i have scribbled down on a piece of paper & stuck to my bulletin board above the desk in my room.

my why. the reasons i decided to start writing out my thoughts & feelings on my way to (hopefully) overcoming the huge life challenges thrown at me over the last while.

well sitting at the hair salon today waiting between my haircut & my brow shaping i decided i’m also going to add self worth to that list.

i have dedicated my life to & spent over a decade in an industry that can be extremely judgmental. how good do you look? how nice is your hair? how stylish are your clothes? how funny are you? how smart? how interesting?

i have built a whole career on being likable. i have spent most of my life worrying about how much people like me.

thankfully i have worked in some incredible communities where people are very kind & very sweet. rarely does anyone say something nasty to me. but when they do, i sure as heck remember it.

the last two days, it hasn’t been what someone said but rather what someone did. the weird thing is they probably don’t even realize it. i doubt they were trying to hurt me but they did have me doubting my worth.

‘am i not even worth…’ has been running on repeat through my head.

and yet there i was, having my hair & brows done, investing my time & money in myself. taking care of myself. because i AM worth it.

because i say so. i get to decide that. it’s not up to anyone else. and if someone doesn’t value me – that doesn’t mean i can’t value myself.

i should treat myself the way i want to be treated.

i should love myself the way i want to be loved.

i’m going to try to reset my thinking over this whole thing & remember that what i think of me – matters most.

i’m ready to invest MY time, energy & money in MYSELF.

xxoo, k

2 thoughts on “what i’m worth

  1. K, you’re awesome, and anyone who doesn’t appreciate you has issues. It’s not you, it’s them.
    You’re a warm, compassionate person that’s genuinely interested in the people around you. That was immediately apparent when I met you.
    I’m sorry anyone made you feel this way, but guaranteed it says more about them than you. x

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