we’re doing this

how can one year be so good but so bad at the same time??

bring you so much happiness & then so much sadness??

one moment you feel like you have absolutely everything & then the next day you wake up to feel like you lost it all…

now i fully admit that sounds dramatic as all heck – but let’s be honest – this year has been dramatic & completely off the charts ridiculous at times!

and as we get closer to the end of an unbelievable 2020 i still feel like i’ve won more than i’ve lost & i’ve gained a lot while i’ve grown a lot – but there are still some pretty big hurts i’m living through that definitely feel like they came out of nowhere.

so i wanted to send out this loving reminder to anybody else who’s walking around with a smile on their face while their heart is absolutely shattered on the inside…

we’re doing this.

we’re getting up, we’re getting dressed, going to work, walking our dogs, looking after our kids, doing the grocery shopping, the laundry.

we’re doing it.

even if we’re falling apart at the end of every day, crying in the shower where no one else can hear us, or crying into our pillows as we fall asleep at night… we’re doing this.

and i most definitely think that counts for a lot.

i’m sending you a huge hug & all the love because this year is hard enough without having your heart completely broken.

i love you & i’m proud of you & as always – if you feel up for a chat you can always join the afternoons with harley community on instagram, facebook or twitter.

and in the meantime, please take care of yourself & be gentle on yourself as you get through whatever is weighing on you.

xxoo, k

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