sometimes life can really kick the s*** out of us.

and it’s okay to feel down.

it’s okay to feel angry.

it’s okay to just be.

but eventually we have to remember the powerful women we are & move forward into our new chapter.

that’s what we’re all about here at afternoons with harley.

i’m Ivy Evans & my story is not that different from a lot of you.

i fell in love. gave up everything to be with this other person. he turned out to be a pretty bad guy. and i ended up with nothing but my suitcase, $200 in my bank account & my dog Harley.

and it took years & years to rediscover who i was & rebuild my life.

years of me spending my afternoons with Harley – reading, writing, researching, trying every self-help & personal development exercise i could to try to feel better.

so now, in this self-care coven, i’ve put together everything that i have learnt to help other women.

help them heal their hearts & souls.

help them uncover their own power.

help them decide their own value.

help them find the path to live their own lives, their own way, for themselves.

here you will find weekly blog posts & a link to subscribe to our weekly emails.

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xxoo, i





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