trust your feelings

what do you think is the most important part of a relationship?

the number one thing?

love? compatibility? attraction?

how about TRUST?

for me – trust comes before ANYTHING ELSE.

you can be with your best friend, who you love more than anything in the whole world, but if they do something to destroy your faith in them, all the amazing, wonderful parts of your relationship will never be enough.

finding out your partner cheated on you is one of the most devastating things to go through.

because it’s not just the trust that breaks – your heart, your soul is also breaking.

even though there were several things that lead to the end of my marriage, being cheated on was by far the thing that hurt the most.

so i figured i had two choices: get over it, or get over him.

and i just couldn’t get over the betrayal.

so i worked towards getting over him.

now cheating is a topic i’ve been reluctant to write about because as much as i’d love to say ‘leave that loser, you are a goddess who deserves SO much better’… i know that’s not the path for everyone.

every relationship & every situation is different.

i know couples that stayed together after one of them cheated on the other one.

i also know women who have given their partner several ‘second chances’ & ‘clean slates’.

everyone’s circumstances are unique. i’ll never judge another woman’s decisions. i’ll never tell you what to do.

leaving or staying after being cheated on is a decision that only you can make – as sucky as it might be to read that.

and if you do choose to stay, i will say this: you have to let people do what they’re going to do & be who they’re going to be.

you can’t control them or stop them from hurting you.

all you can do is give it your all & if it goes horribly wrong – you will have to make another decision.

in the words of my mama ‘only you know what you can & can’t live with’.

only you can choose to get over it, or get over him.

all i ask, is that you think about what’s best for you. put yourself first. respect yourself. love yourself.

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