true beauty


‘the beauty of you is not where you are perfect, it is where you are fearless’

one of the best things i’ve ever read. so good i’m actually considering getting it tattooed somewhere on my body so i can have it as a constant reminder.

because i do get caught up in the idea that being beautiful means being perfect. flawless. who doesn’t get sucked into that kind of thinking now & again?

but these words make my heart so happy. they make me feel bold, like i can just go for it.

like there are no bad decisions or no way that i can screw anything up.

and if for some reason things do take a turn or i end up unhappy with the choice i made – i can pivot. i can fearlessly choose again. at any time. as often as i need to.

no pressure to be perfect. just the freedom to be brave.

take the chance. take the step. the leap. the risk.

do as much as i can. see as much as i can. experience as much as i can.

take it all in & then decide from there what i want, what i like, what i love.

build a life that’s beautiful not because it’s perfect but because i’m courageous enough to fight for my happiness.

i owe it to myself. to the woman i want to be. not the perfect one, but the fearless one.

xxoo, k

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