to the girl who worries…

to the girl who worries that she’s not good enough.

that she should be further along in her life, or have more in her life.

that worries she messes everything up or that she never follows through with anything. that she makes bad decisions.

that worries she sucks at relationships, that she’ll never find that special someone, that she’ll be cheated on & mistreated. that she’ll have her heart broken. that everyone will leave in the end & she’ll end up completely alone.

to the girl who’s worried about starting over. who thinks she’s too old, that her best years are behind her or that she has no place in this world.

to the girl who worries she’s too young, not experienced enough, not wise enough. worries about the judgments of others, being laughed at, picked on. that worries about looking stupid, foolish, flakey.

the girl that worries about uncomfortable, painful changes, scary new beginnings & taking responsibility. taking risks.

worries about failing, losing money, losing friendships. worries about having enough money, having somewhere safe to go, having someone to support her.

worries about being enough for those in her life. worries about the struggle. the unknown. the future.

to the girl who worries her priorities aren’t in order, she’s falling behind, she’ll never catch up. she’s wasting her time. her talent. her potential.

to the girl who worries about being ‘too much’. too bold, loud, aggressive. too ‘bossy’, ‘demanding’, ‘selfish’.

to the girl who worries about leading, stepping up, speaking out, taking charge.

to the girl who worries she’ll be stuck feeling like she does right now.

DON’T. please just don’t.

you are more amazing than you will probably ever know. you are doing it. you are making it through.

every day that you wake up & try. every moment that you choose to move forward, that you choose to live your life, you are succeeding.

to the girl who worries that she’s not good enough, please, don’t even waste another second of your life focused on that outside noise.

all you need to worry about is being yourself… your gorgeous, messy, wonderful self. 

xxoo, k


One thought on “to the girl who worries…

  1. Is that a veiled reference to yourself? There’s NOTHING wrong with the way you are. Believe good things will happen and they will happen for YOU. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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