times like these…

spring is usually an exciting time of year – everything is new & fresh & it’s the start of something vibrant after a long, cold, dark season.

however, this spring, with what’s happening & with what’s spreading around the world – doesn’t feel very hopeful or exciting.

it feels scary & uncomfortable & the worry over what’s happening can feel really heavy at times.

and i think that in times like these, we need to remember that everyone feels different.

it’s okay to be worried or anxious, just like it’s okay to be positive & believe that everything is going to work out.

if you fall somewhere in the middle, that’s okay too – this is affecting everybody differently.

it’s okay to be tired of talking about it & want to change the subject to other things. it’s okay to call up your family & friends to talk about your fears & get things off your chest.

but it’s not okay to judge others for how they’re feeling.

if someone is cancelling plans with you because they don’t want to risk anything, please be understanding & don’t give them a hard time.

if someone wants to go out to grab a bite to eat or maybe get their nails done, please don’t shame them or tell them that they’re making things worse by going out in public.

if someone is buying toilet paper at the grocery store, please don’t make jokes about them.

we need to support one another however they need to be supported… whether it’s a little or whether it’s a lot.

we need to act like a family & take care of each other because at the end of the day, we are all family & we are all in this together.

xxoo, k

3 thoughts on “times like these…

  1. If we pull together and support each other, and be there for each other, things will be easier for all of us. This will not make it go away but we will feel better. Take care

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