time to start finding time for yourself

i can remember, not that long ago, a time when i felt like i had no time.

my marriage was at it’s very worst point & every day felt like a war that i was just trying to survive.

except for these few precious hours between when i got home from work & when my ex did.

the only time of day i was alone in the house – when i could breathe easy & do all the things i loved doing.

simple things, like cranking the music i wanted to listen to & singing along as loud as i could.

or cooking my favourite meals in our beautiful kitchen & slowly enjoying them in our otherwise unused dining room.

or walking around the yard barefoot with Harls – just enjoying the sunshine & the fresh air.

i always made the most of these hours because i knew that when i heard that vehicle pull up in the driveway, i would retreat back to my library & hide out there for the rest of the night.

and i would repeat the process all over again the very next day.

but when i was alone… there were no sounds, or smells or messes that were off limits. i could truly be myself & enjoy myself without any consequences or repercussions.

being out of that bad situation & on my own now, i do have a lot more time (i know i’ve always had the same 24 hours, i just no longer spend most of it locked in a spare room)!

and now that i am working from home, i feel like i have even more free time.

those hours are as special as the few i used to have to myself back when i was married & i still try to spend that time doing the things that bring me the most joy.

and i always make sure i find time for myself – even on my busiest, most stressful days.

listening to & reading the things i love, eating the food i like best… even down to the lotion i use, the socks i wear, the notebooks i write in – if i don’t love the heck out of it – i don’t bother with it.

because i am never going to take my time – or myself – for granted ever again.

i hope you are finding time for yourself & i’d love to know in the comments how you are making use of that time these days!

xxoo, k

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