time flies


‘busy becoming better’

so busy in fact that i didn’t even realize until 5pm this evening that it’s a thursday – which is one of the days i like to post!

the last several days have flown by & i find that most of the time has been eaten up by several of my new habits.

the first one being trying to eat better. i’ve been spending a lot more time in the kitchen – prepping, cooking & then actually sitting down to eat (to be mindful of my food).

i’ve also been really dedicated to getting outside & moving my body. more walks with my new rescue dog & spending quality time with her.

and then working & volunteering. i have a couple of exciting things on the go for spring/summer & i’ve been putting a lot of my time, energy & heart into them.

so this past sunday (day one) till now has been an absolute whirlwind blur that’s left me feeling a little drained but also very accomplished & very satisfied.

now the trick is going to be keeping this momentum through the weekend & into the weeks ahead!

xxoo, k

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