the vision is so clear

the last couple of nights as i’ve been falling asleep, i’ve had some really clear visions on who i want to be & how i want my future to look.

it’s not something i tried to do & i’m honestly not sure where these ideas are coming from but i’m not complaining & i’m certainly not going to question it too much!

images have floated in of how i speak & act… how i want my house to look… even the kind of man i want to fall in love with.

i’m fit & healthy, my skin is clear, my nails are strong & my hair is longer.

and i dress a lot better too!

poppy & i live in a cute character home that we adore & it even has the white & grey marble honeycomb tile backsplash in the kitchen, palm wallpaper in the library, blue velvet couches & a purple door in the front.

i’m still working my dream job & i have lots of time to dedicate to writing.

everything is so beautiful & i am so happy it’s like i can’t believe life could be so good!

i’ve woken up excited over this vision the last couple of mornings – but this morning – after envisioning every detail down to the jewellery i wear – i am even more excited about this dream life.

the thing is… how do i get there?!

the biggest difference from that life to the one i’m currently living is me.

in the future i want, i’m healthy & happy – i’m glowing… so i guess that’s the key.


and getting myself to that place, so i can get all the other things i want.

so, eating better – which i have been trying to do over the last several months.

exercising – which i actually have been able to do even though it’s all been at home.

moisturizing – i have so much skin care, i better start making good use of it!

and water – because you know it cures pretty much every issue ever.

plus – dedicating more time to my writing, it makes me so darn happy & i feel way better too.

taking care of myself inside & out.

the kahla in my visions loved herself & took care of herself – nothing was too good for her. or too expensive – she was worth it.

she was worth everything she wanted.

and you are too! share what you want to see happen in your future in the comments below!

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xxoo, k

6 thoughts on “the vision is so clear

  1. Now how beautiful is that! The narrative has change and is all “ free at last, free at last” like. We all need that clarity, that zest for life.
    Kahla is boldly going on those first steps to a great new chapter. And going with a vivid exciting vision. Those are what dreams should be made of
    Congratulations Kahla!!!!!

  2. Great to hear your in a good place and space!
    I think the biggest thing holding us back is fear of the unknown. And we’re creatures of habit. So we tend to hold on for dear life to the life we know and the habits and routines that keep us from moving forward.
    The key is in letting go. It’s the hardest thing to do. For all of us.
    Because the fear of the unknown keeps us hanging on tight.
    Ironic, as oftentimes once we do let go we wonder why it took us so long!
    And realize how great it is to be free.
    Of all the things that held us back.
    I am ready to take that leap once again myself…

    1. agree 100%!! even when i was MISERABLE & it was so painful – it was what i knew so i stayed there for so long!! the scariest part was getting up, getting dressed & trying to be happy haha!

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