the rules

them’s the rules.

the non-negotiables if you will.

i usually don’t like having rules or a list of things to follow – i’ve always been a little too rebellious for that, but this is pretty simple.

simple yet oh so freaking important.

so, from this point forward i will trust myself.

i will only treat myself with love & respect.

i will be patient with myself & speak with love.

i will choose what’s best for me & be fearless as i put myself first.

and grateful too, cause they say gratitude is everything. that & drinking enough water.

it’s you. it’s always been you.

that’s who you have. no matter what happens in life, you always have yourself.

so why wouldn’t you care for & love yourself like you are the most important, precious thing ever?!

i’d love to hear what your life or self-love rules or rituals are – feel free to leave them in a comment below or join the conversation on instagram, facebook or twitter!

xxoo, k

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