that special moment

you know those days when the day is actually running you?

when it feels like you’ve been ‘go go go!’ from the very second you opened your eyes??

but then – eventually – you get to that point where things are winding down, getting quiet, & you finally have that moment for yourself… the one that makes you think ‘this is what i’ve been waiting for all day’…

you sit in that special spot or sit down with that special person & it’s the best part of your whole day.

well this, is that moment for me.

the time when i sit down with a giant cup of coffee, a notebook & my dog & i just write.

and i’m realizing now, that no matter where i am or where i go, or what happens, i’ll be okay as long as i can keep getting back to these moments.

whether that’s here at my dad’s perched on a pile of lumber in the middle of his home renovations.

or when i stayed at my mom’s & wrote on the fire escape.

or at my grandparent’s farm, on a blanket out in the yard.

or my favourite spot of all – at the cabin in my old adirondack chair, by the fire.

i’ve been able to heal & grow because i’ve been able to keep doing the one thing i love the most.

the one that makes my heart the happiest.

and as long as i can find a place to sit down (preferably outdoors) with a cup of any kind of coffee, my books, my pens & my dog – i am good to go.

i’d love to know in the comments below what the best part of the day is for you… or if you have a ritual or habit that keeps you grounded…

xxoo, k

9 thoughts on “that special moment

  1. Hi Kahla
    Just want you to know I have enjoyed your weathercasts back when you were in Regina and now Iā€™m Winnipeg.
    What keeps me grounded. 1. My morning time reading the Bible and spending time in prayer with God. 2. Times I get to talk and walk with my wife and friends also help greatly in keeping me grounded.
    If there is anything I can pray for, for you, please let me know.

  2. The best part of my day is always that moment I come downstairs in the morning and see the wagging tail and smiling face of my dog!
    Knowing full well regardless of what the day holds she is happiest to spend time with me.

  3. I love what you wrote. I have a special place in my backyard that we have named “the lower forty.” Quick side story- my grand daughters have even bought in, One day they were pulling each other in the wagon and the oldest said “but you can’t go into the lower forty.” My wife and I just thought that was so neat.
    At any rate, I digress. It’s about a 15′ by 15′ square (which is being expanded as we speak- but it will still remain in name as the lower 40) with playground rock, a bench on the south side and two Adirondack chairs (which I’m sure you would approve of) on the north side. And in the middle is an enclosed fire pit. But what makes this place so special for me is it’s where I go to have a quiet moment- or maybe even hour- just to sit and think while enjoying (replace your coffee with my cold beer). The George Olive Park borders the chain link fence along our backyard. Further into the park there is a walking trail that connects the west side of McMeans to the east side of Alex Taylor Drive and is always busy in the spring, summer, and fall. Further into the park yet is a duck pond- and also the site of Fall AGM’s for Canada Geese when they are preparing for the trip south, And on some nights there is the sound of practices or games for the Transcona Nationals Football Organization, as their fields are at the far southern end of the park. Those sounds are silent right now because of the pandemic. But they’ll be back. And I’ll be waiting in my favourite spot. Thank you so much for giving me the inspiration to share this with you because of what you wrote in your blog.

    1. this sounds like absolute paradise šŸ™‚ i can’t wait to have a special spot like this at my home one day & a beautiful family to share it with too šŸ˜‰

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