teach me

i’ve been a reader for as long as i can remember.

i grew up in the country where there wasn’t a whole lot of neighbourhood kids to play with, so i spent a lot of time on my own with my nose in a book.

and even though i have friends now who i love & adore more than anything, i still spend a huge chunk of my time reading.

each month i read two different pieces – one to teach me & one to entertain me.

since i’ve been going through a lot of changes in my life lately i’ve been steering more towards the self-help/personal development world… so these are the books that i have picked (as of this point in time) as my ‘teach me’ tomes.

some of these have been recommended to me while others are just bestsellers that i feel the need to check out:

fearne cotton – calm

laura day – practical intuition

wallace d. wattles – the science of getting rich

gary john bishop – unfu*k yourself

rachel hollis – girl stop apologizing

cara alwill leyba – like she owns the place

jordan lee dooley – own your everyday

jen sincero – you are a badass

debbie travis – design your next chapter

victoria moran – main street vegan

twyla tharp – the creative habit

amy poehler – yes please 

in the comments let me know if you have read any of these & what you think of them.

also – if you have any other book suggestions i’d love to know!

and i’ll be sharing my ‘entertain me’ list as soon as i finish picking them.

xxoo, k

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