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these days it’s hard enough trying to find your place in the world, never mind in the overwhelming online world where we’re all connected, commenting & often – criticizing.

i obviously spend a lot of time on social media in both my personal & professional life… making new friends, learning new things & watching adorable pitbull videos all day long.

but spending so much time online can have me comparing myself to others & overthinking other people’s commentary towards me.

thankfully though, there are a few things i do to arm myself & protect myself against the posts, pictures & comments that mess with my head & my self-esteem.

now to be clear – i’m not blaming anyone for posting anything that might trigger me.

but because i recognize these feelings fairly well now, i’m proactive about dealing with them.

if you just got a fancy new vehicle, massive job promotion, had a super cute baby or married the person of your dreams – i am most definitely happy for you. but i may have to mute you for a while. no offense.

that’s just my ego, my fears of not being worthy for those things too & my impatience while watching others get their blessings while i’m still waiting for my own.

muting people is one of the biggest things i do. since i usually only follow people i know, like & admire – i don’t want to unfollow you completely, so i’ll just take a little vacay until i’m feeling stronger.

it’s not you – it’s me.

unless you are leaving mean or rude comments – then you’re muted forever & it is, in fact, you.

the second thing i always try to do is post my own stuff or reply to comments on my accounts before i scroll through other’s accounts. it makes me feel better to create & contribute before i consume other content.

it saves me from seeing all the awesome work other people are doing & in turn feeling like i am doing absolutely nothing.

and thirdly – i stopped obsessively checking my statistics. that includes the number of views, followers, likes & checking to see who is watching my stories. i’ll admit, that is the hardest habit to break but it’s been the most freeing one.

i’ve spent way too much time checking to see if ‘they’ saw, cared or knew what i was up to. even worse? checking & seeing that ‘they’ didn’t watch my story, which made me feel HORRIBLE for the rest of the day.

maybe they’re keeping an eye on me, maybe they’re not. either way – i don’t know & that’s how i want it. it doesn’t change anything for me anyway.

staying in my own lane, keeping creative & muting when needed helps keeps me sane when online.

i’d love to hear your ways of coping with the not-so-nice parts of social media… let me know in the comments below…

xxoo, k

2 thoughts on “surviving social media

  1. I actually have a tendency to block people. If they can’t be civil, I just don’t deal with them. And, I’ll admit to checking my # of followers. But I am seriously thinking of cutting way back on social media use.

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