sunny sunday


‘the life in front of you is way more important than the life behind you’

this sunday is so sunny & so beautiful that it fills me with hope.

the dog is snoring gently beside me, my coffee is the perfect temperature & my favourite shins album is playing while the sunlight streams in through my bedroom window.

this sunday afternoon has me daydreaming like crazy about the sunny sunday afternoon i sit by the window in my very own home.

one day. soon hopefully.

but for now i’m trying to remain positive & grateful that i’m able to stay in my old room at dad’s while looking for a place.

and i think back to how sundays used to be. how every day used to be in my old life. stressful. full of tears. wishing i could be anywhere else.

it never crossed my mind back then that i could. i could leave. get out & go somewhere else. anywhere else. that i had a choice.

and even though i’m not where i want to be yet, i’ve come pretty far.

i’m still in a weird season of healing & learning & growing but every day i’m getting closer to the life i want.

starting with the home i want. my haven. my safe place.

a cute little character home full of art & photos, laughter & music, flowers & books.

and of course – good friends & good food.

xxoo, k

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