stop. and look…

‘stop. and look…’

really take a second, to take it all in.

i know it’s become almost a cliche – but look at where you are now & how far you’ve come.

look at all the things you have right now that you wished for, that you worked for.

look at how you’ve moved past the pain & how you’ve grown.

look at the second chance you gave yourself, the second chance that you made for yourself.

look at the weak moments you moved through, the hard times you survived.

look at everything you’ve gone through & how you’re still here, getting better every day, improving each & every day.

look at how you don’t need that person, that place, that situation anymore. maybe you never did.

and when you’re done seeing all that, look at what’s missing, what you still want, what you still need.

where you still want to go & what you want to achieve.

look. and maybe… you’ll notice that you’re really not that far away from where you want to be.

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xxoo, k

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