is there something that you really, really want?

something that you think about constantly??

but you’re holding off on it or maybe you start, then stop yourself from doing it.

and it actually hurts.

drives you nutso.

makes the days drag on.

puts you in a funky mood.

the picture above is the very first time i documented afternoons with harley.

october 24, 2019, while cat-sitting for someone, i had a lot of free time & started building my blog & website.

it was pretty easy & it looked pretty good.

but i didn’t actually hit publish on a single post until december 8, 2019.

a month & a half.

almost 7 weeks.

45 days.

the time between creating my blog & actually doing something with it.

and maybe it doesn’t sound like a long time but let me tell you – it sure as heck felt like it.

and i still don’t really know what took me so dang long.

scared of putting myself out there to be judged?

worried over having my parents or friends read something they didn’t already know?

still terrified of a certain person & what they would do to me if i spoke out?

little bit of all of it i guess.

i knew what i wanted to do, had a vision & a way to move forward with it but i was stuck.

stuck & scared.

but when i started to write, i felt a little less scared.

i wrote a rough draft & felt okay.

i picked a photo, edited it & felt okay.

i put it all together, hit publish & then dang near died.

but a few hours later i felt okay.

and then i did it again & again & again & i started to feel great.

and now nothing makes me happier than writing & speaking & sharing right here in the afternoons with harley community.

and i wish i could say that my desire to help other women or my need to create something pushed me forward.

or that i overcame my fears of being judged or bullied.

but honestly, i think it was just the fact that i started.

i started writing. editing. posting.

i did a thing & then another thing & then i wanted to do everything.

and i’m still freaked out from time to time – did i share too much? should i have said that? does this person or that person hate me for writing what i did?

but at the end of the day it’s my story from my point of view & i have every right to share my experiences especially if it makes me feel this good & helps others.

and you too, have every right to do the things that you want to do (as long as you’re not out there to hurt somebody or wreck anything).

so this week, i urge you to try the thing you’ve been thinking about.

just take one little step – sign up for the class, make the phone call, create the account.

one little step could be just the thing that pushes you to take another step & another until you’re really cruising in the direction you want to be going in.

and if you ever want a bit of encouragement or want to share your advice or tips for moving forward with the rest of the awh community – feel free to join us in the comments or on instagram, facebook or twitter.

xxoo, k

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