solo sunday

it may be the unpopular opinion… but i am beyond happy that i’m spending easter solo this year. 

in the past, no matter where i lived, from british columbia to new brunswick, i always made the trip home for the easter long weekend.

it was a big holiday for my family & baba would spend hours in the kitchen, cooking up a turkey & a ham, along with a variety of other dishes & usually a few desserts too.

the whole family would fill the house until the chatter got so loud you’d get a headache.

thinking back on old easters i have quite a few good memories but most of the time i ended up leaving dinner early to head back home or i excused myself to go for a long walk.

like many families, mine can be tricky to be around & family dinners can be an emotional minefield.

and although there are periods of time when we’re very close, there are also long stretches where no one will talk to each other at all.

my mom & i are currently in one of those silent stretches.

have been for months now.

and as painful as it is sometimes, i’m also kind of relieved that i have to (or get to) stay home alone this easter.

it’s easier. spending the holidays alone is easier.

now, if you come from a really lovely family & you’re all super close & it’s breaking your heart to not physically be with your family this weekend – you should probably stop reading now.

but for the rest of us, who really struggle to fit in with our family or get through a large family gathering… this may be the perfect situation for you.

and i want you to know you’re not alone, you’re definitely not a freak & you’re not a bad person either for being relieved that you have to stay home this easter.

i still love my family like crazy, but i actually can’t think of a better way to spend this holiday than by making all my favourite foods (as non-traditional as they might be), opening up a bottle of the driest red i have & curling up with my favourite book & my dog.

to me this is my perfect easter.

i talked to my best friend, called my baba & even sent a text (olive branch) to my mama but other than that i’m laying low.

and i’m beyond happy that i don’t have to deal with the stress of being with a large, loud group of people that can be a little harsh & judgmental.

they’re not bad people at all, they’re just a lot to take at times.

and at times like this, when my emotions are already running a little high & running all over the place, i’m glad that i get to pick & choose who has access to me.

it’s allowing me to take care of my own mental & emotional health.

so, even if you think that i am the worst of the worst for being happy i don’t have to see my family this weekend – i still hope that you are enjoying your weekend, doing what makes you happy & taking care of yourself!

let me know in the comments how you are spending your sunday…

xxoo, k

11 thoughts on “solo sunday

  1. Just spending today with my wife and two cats. As for it being Easter, well, itโ€™s just another Sunday to me. I might even re-watch Game 6 of the 1993 World Series tonight. Jays won..:-)

  2. Happy Easter, Kahla. Maybe this strange COVID time will make us all re-evaluate. So often these “big” holidays are laden down with so much baggage and high expectations that can never be fulfilled.

  3. Good afternoon Kahla, Happy Easter ๐Ÿฃ, I am enjoying my day off, doing some home renovations, cleaning and laundry, had a care package delivered with some of momโ€™s homemade lasagna and chicken. I do love peace and quiet itโ€™s a good time to heel.

  4. Happy Easter Kahla. In some ways I know how you feel. Since my Hubby and my Dad passed away (4 mos) apart our family has become quite distant. Tragedies usually bring you closer but not in our case. My daughter seems to blame me because her dad passed so we are not close. All family gatherings are a chore. I have a new partner so we make our own plans and they are usually only the two of us together. Keep doing what is best for you. You are who matters.

  5. I don’t think you’re unusual or a bad person for feeling that way at all. It sounds exhausting to deal with at the best of times.

    Even though I’m an extrovert, I come from a small family (who lives thousands of miles away) and would never want to deal with huge family gatherings like that. You don’t get to choose your family like you do your friends.

    I’m glad you had a wonderful Easter, spending it the way you wanted. We all have to be kind to ourselves right now. x

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