so where to??

what do you do when you’re done?

when something ends, when a door closes, when what you wanted disappears?

maybe someone left your life.

maybe an opportunity slipped away.

or maybe you decided you had enough & you walked away.

and here you are, with nothing on your to-do list.

your schedule is clear.

your vision board is empty.

you’re not sure what direction to go in, what to do next, not even sure what you want to do.

you’re left asking yourself ‘so, what now?’

you can’t go back, or maybe don’t want to go back to the way things were.

but you’re free.

you’re at the point where you can go anywhere & do anything.

it’s exciting to have endless options but it’s also scary to choose… well… choose you.

put yourself first. make yourself a priority. love yourself.

take all of that energy & time you spend worrying & shift it to taking care of yourself.

how are you feeling?? what do you need to adjust to the changes & plot twists you’ve been thrown.

don’t worry about figuring out your next move.

don’t worry about what’s going to happen. or what’s already gone.

instead, try doing the things that make you feel good & make you feel like yourself.

the most ‘you’ version of you.

in this pandemic, you have the time & if you also have the space & freedom – why not make it all about you…

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xxoo, k

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