single isn’t SO bad…

you’re never really alone – because you always have you.

and while i do believe that your relationship with yourself is the biggest & bestest one… it can be hard to be single sometimes.

like during a pandemic for example.

my social media feeds are flooded with couples, doing quarantine things together, all coupley like.

and i’m happy for them – but i’m also completely alone, except for the 70 pound bully sleeping on my legs.

so, what’s a single to do?

date yourself.


maybe not…

it’s advice we’ve all heard before & this is the perfect time to try it!

cook your favourite meals & use your ‘good’ plates, enjoy your favourite drinks (& toast to you!), light your candles, make a living room fort & watch your favourite movies or play your favourite video games!

listen to your favourite music while writing out your bucket list or planning your dream trip (for when this is all over).

or my most favourite thing of all – watch the sunset.

treat yourself like you are the #1 person in your life (cause you are)!

and please. please. please – don’t reach out to or respond to your toxic ex.

stay strong & confident & do what’s best for you (which isn’t them or else you’d still be together)!

xxoo, k

4 thoughts on “single isn’t SO bad…

  1. Hi Kahla, So nice to read your blog. When you were in Regina you helped so much in publicizing our world markets. Thank you for that ! All the best to you and I do enjoy your writing.

    1. hey Sheila, it’s SO nice to hear from you!! i honestly still miss Regina & think about it all the time – such an amazing community & it always felt like home to me 🙂

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