right where you need to be


tough seasons.

they challenge us. they change us.

maybe the last week, month, year, past five years – haven’t been that great for you.

and you still feel like you’re stuck in the middle of it – cut off from your soul, drowning in misery. you feel like someone completely different & strange.

then maybe all of the struggle, the stress, the heartache has broken you down just enough to get you to where you need to be.

here. ready.

ready for a change. ready to stop pushing your feelings down or pushing yourself aside for others. ready to stop pretending to be who you think you need to be to make others feel better or breathe easier.

ready to climb out of the wreckage & walk away.

ready to trust your gut, be brave for yourself. ready to build the life you want – instead of somebody else’s version or what society thinks it should look like for you.

ready to go after what you want, what you need, what you love.


xxoo, k

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