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since the start of the new year i’ve been trying to put together the second half of my reading list – the 12 ‘entertain me’ books that i’d like to crack open in 2020.

the ‘teach me’ picks were easy enough – the self-help aisle feels endlessly long with almost too many options to choose from & i felt like they were practically jumping off the shelf at me.

but for my ‘just because’ reads, it hasn’t been that easy (i try to read two books a month, one to learn from & one just for fun).

i do however have one book picked so far & that is ‘the familiars’ by stacey halls.

my word for 2020 is ‘magic’ & since i have always been really into witches i thought this would be a great start.

and i saw it walking past the books at walmart on my way to buy coffee (aka my witch’s brew) so i consider that a good omen & meant to be!

so, one book picked & 11 more to go.

let me know if you have any ‘must reads’ to suggest, or anything you’re looking forward to reading this year!

xxoo, k

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