please remember

with others but especially with yourself during these tricky times.

remember that it’s okay to feel uncertain or uncomfortable or even scared.

please be gentle on yourself & know that you’re not alone – even if you are in isolation or quarantine – we are still with you.

journal it out, write it out, call or text or facetime to talk it out.

just please don’t let your thoughts run wild & hold you prisoner in your own mind.

i know for some of us, that is way easier said than done, so if you do want to talk or vent – please know that you are always welcome to leave a comment here or send me a DM.

i’m always up for a good chat.

take care,

xxoo, k

3 thoughts on “please remember

  1. I know everyone has their worries and concerns right now, my biggest concern is my Mom who is 93 yrs old and very frail and totally dependent on homecare. She chooses to remain in her home.
    Our concern is not how she will be treated but staff that has been on vacation or who goes into a home where someone has been in contact with someone who has.
    I phone every day but as we have a grandson living with us and who attends school I will not go to her house.
    I feel that I am being neglectful and if she falls ill, I will be responsible.
    Sorry, shouldn’t be dumping on you.
    Hope you are able to work through your thoughts and feelings.
    We will get through this.

    1. you are not ‘dumping’ at all! i started this blog to build a community to share 🙂 & that fear/love is exactly what keeps me right here at home

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