only you know


‘only you know what you can & can’t live with’

i remember my mama giving this advice to my brother, sister & i for as long as we’ve been making our own decisions.

it’s fairly simple. applies to almost everything. and it can save a ton of heartache & headache.

but it’s also easier said than done sometimes.

especially those times when you are so hurting & so confused that you just wish someone would tell you what to do or show you the right choice.

and i can’t even begin to guess how many times these words have ran through my head over the last little while.

but how do you really know when enough is enough? how do you truly know what your breaking point is? how do you know when it’s time to move on? to graciously give up the fight & free yourself of the struggle?

when you’ve already given up so much. so much of your time. your effort. your love. when it’s so hard to walk away from something but it’s also so hard to stay or keep sticking it out.

well – the answer is right there – ‘only you know…’

a job, a partner, an apartment even… this is your one life, where you’re the one who calls the shots, decides where you go & what you do.

you & you alone.

and i’ll be honest, sometimes that just sucks. it’s a heck of a lot of responsibility. it’s scary. it’s exciting. but it’s also sort of empowering.

so i’m going with the idea that since it’s up to me, i’m going to do what’s best for me. see where that takes me.

xxoo, k

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