one day, love songs will sound good again

what’s your favourite love song?

maybe it was your wedding song or maybe a song from your favourite band that you’ve loved for decades.

or it’s one that reminds you of your mom or your beautiful kids.

i feel like there’s nothing better than hearing a song like that fill the room & your heart.

until the day that you absolutely cannot stand said song.

it pops up in your apple music shuffle & you give out a little shriek, frantically grabbing for your phone to flick it to the next one.

fully knowing that if you heard more than the first few notes – you’d fall apart sobbing into a miserable, pathetic heap.

or there’s the phase where that same song can turn you into an irrational, angry gremlin & you stay in that horrible mood for the rest of the day.

or there’s the very worst phase of all (in my opinion & experience) that when you hear it – you feel nothing.

it sounds like just a bunch of noise & you don’t feel anything except for the fact you have no heart. or at least that’s what it feels like.

like i said, this was the worst phase, the one where i couldn’t recognize any emotion or passion in ANY love song – not just my former favourite ones that reminded me of a certain someone.

i felt numb.

but like most things, time passes & you get a little better every day.

eventually one day, you’re sitting in your car & you start singing along, you start smiling & you don’t even realize that by the time the song is almost over you’re putting on a full one woman concert performance sitting in the middle of downtown traffic.

one day love songs will sound good again & you will belt them out at the top of your lungs & feel every bit the way you used to.

or maybe even better.

and one day, you’ll be lucky enough to find a new favourite love song that makes you think of your new favorite person.

so let me know in the comments if you have ever gone through one of those phases… or share what your favourite love song is – because i’m in the phase now where i’m looking for new suggestions.

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xxoo, k

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