new ideas


woot woot!! after 15 days – we finally have a working furnace! and i have never been more grateful for modern day conveniences like heat, water & electricity!

and those cold, dark days did give me plenty of time to think & daydream ‘you know what would be nice…’ & i’ve decided that maybe i do have some ideas on what i would actually like in 2020!

i’m not a big fan of resolutions or plans but i did make the commitment to focus on myself & spend the next year healing & practicing self-care. which a week ago when we rang in the new year, didn’t look like much of a list or even a general idea.

but now. oh wow. let me share what i’m thinking would be really, really cool for this next year…

i would love to buy a house. that’s been my biggest dream since i left my marriage – a place of my own where i feel safe & comfortable. so that’s my number one.

i would love to take a big trip somewhere by myself. i’m thinking along the lines of ireland. completely alone & doing the things i want to do most.

i would love to get my next tattoo & start my sleeve. this one will probably be the easiest since i already have a relationship with my artist, completely trust her & have a good idea of what i’d like her to do.

and speaking of relationships, i would like to go on a date this year. maybe. if i meet someone i would like to go on a date with. but this is the last one on my list for a few reasons (mostly because a relationship is not a priority for me & i’m still healing from a pretty bad marriage).

so this is it! my ‘general idea list’ of what i’d like to do in 2020 – so far!

but i’d love to hear what your big plans & dreams are… let me know in the comments!

xxoo, k

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