more life lessons

life lessons can really suck, hey?

those big moments – the ones that teach you the most, give you the most & grow you the most – are often pretty painful.

the only thing that magnifies that pain?? not learning the dang lesson the first time & having history repeat.

well, last month, i had two different cracks at the same lesson.

and after having some time to reflect & really think about it, i feel like i’m finally ready to write about it.

i foolishly put my trust, hope & some pretty big dreams in a couple of opportunities that were ‘taken’ from me.

i chose to place my happiness in the hands of other people. i gave them control over some pretty big parts of my life & when they changed their minds about me, i was crushed.

i felt like my world was caving in. i was mad. bitter. cried for days.

but several weeks later, i know that i was the one that was 100% wrong. the whole time.

i know better. i know that you cannot put your happiness in the hands of other people. you are the one that has to do it for yourself. build the life you want.

it’s not up to somebody else to give you a spot or position or title in their world that will make you feel complete.

there is no person, job or organization that will make you or your life whole.

you have to build a life that you are so obsessed with that it doesn’t matter who or what walks in or out of that door – you will be just fine. you will be rock solid.

doesn’t matter what comes or goes, what we win or what we feel like we lose.

we have to work to give ourselves a life that no one else can take away from us.

a happiness that no one else can steal away.

a knowing that we are completely amazing on our own & we will invite opportunities & others into our lives because we want them – not because we need them.

because after all – life lessons can really suck – if we let them.

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xxoo, k

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