merriest of christmases & happiest of holidays

merry christmas eve friends!

i have always preferred december 24th to the 25th.

when i was little, the 24th was the day that we would get all dressed up & go to my baba & gee-gee’s house for dinner.

and not just any holiday dinner – but the 12 traditional meatless ukrainian christmas dishes. and music & singing. and ski-doo rides & a phone call or sometimes even a visit from santa himself.

the whole family got together & it was amazing.

these days it’s slightly different. our family is busy & people are working or have families of their own & not too many people make it out to the old farm anymore.

but there are always two people that are at that table each & every year. the two people that to me – are christmas.

my mama & my baba.

to me, THEY are christmas. and not just because they do all the baking & cooking & decorating & shopping & wrapping & organizing.

they are the reason the house is always so warm & inviting & full of love. they are the reason our traditions have continued on. they are the reason we remember our loved ones who are no longer with us.

they are the reason we still get together. and even though it looks very different than it did when i was ten, it’s still christmas.

because of them.

so wherever you are, whoever you are with, whatever you are eating or drinking or listening to or watching – i hope you are enjoying yourself & having the very best holiday. 

xxoo, k


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