making the most of the moment

‘if you feel it – go with it & go for it!’

a nice thought, but today i’m not going for anything except my fuzzy jammies, tea & a coen brothers movie.

i wish i was achieving great things today… but i’m not.

not at all. and there’s no real reason why.

i’m just not feeling it.

the weather is fine & i had a decent sleep & nothing stressful happened this afternoon… i’m just not wanting to do much of anything.

and that makes me think of the times i am super motivated & i’m creating & writing & posting & messaging people back, & i wonder why can’t i be like that all the time?

maybe i’m just not one of those people.

are any of us those people?

the ones that wake up everyday excited to take things on & get amazing things done?

or do we all have waves of enthusiasm? brief moments that inspire us & have us wanting to do the things?

i’m beginning to think that i’m part of a group that has periods of ambition & then moments of laying around doing absolutely nothing.

but, what’s a girl to do when she actually has big dreams & wants to do big things??

she makes the most of the sparkly moments. i think.

when i feel it – i’ll go for it!

i won’t push it away, or say i’ll come back to it later, or find some other way to talk myself out of following through with it.

i will take full advantage of my creativity & passion while i have it.

cause honestly, i’m never going to be the disciplined, tough love kinda person who will make myself sit at my computer until the words come & the ideas start flowing – that just sounds like torture to me.

instead, i’ll let the spark happen & run with it.

there’s no use in trying to force myself to be productive when i’m fighting it the whole way – my work will probably end up kinda crappy doing it that way anyways.

i’m not going to be motivated all the time & that’s okay.

i’m just going to do my best, when my best comes to me.

so while i did manage to write a blog post (yay for me!) it’s not likely that i’ll do much else for the rest of the evening.

and i am more than okay with that.

xxoo, k

2 thoughts on “making the most of the moment

  1. I think you are like most of us. Lots of energy one day and lots getting done. The next day lots of energy but no desire or discipline to do anything with it. I strive to do what is good and what is right and often times fail. But I get up and start again and God helps me do the things I know I myself cannot do. So take heart Kahla you are “normal” 🤗😊😉

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