letting life in

i think it’s safe for me to say that my life has turned out nothing like i thought it would.

but thankfully i’ve always been a big fan of change…

as a kid, my favourite thing to do was change around my bedroom – move furniture, redecorate, repaint the walls (with my parent’s help of course)… anything to switch things up.

as a teen, my hair became the thing i experimented with – different colours, different cuts, different looks.

and as a young woman, it became my life & career that changed constantly – moving around every couple of years, different provinces, new cities, new jobs.

i even spent a few years as a foster parent & then some as a wife & step mom.

and now i am completely unattached once again, with the freedom to go wherever & do whatever i want.

my life is a completely blank page, waiting for me to make my next move.

actually – the only thing that’s stayed the same – is that life is still surprising me.

and i have a feeling it’s never going to stop playing that game. 

and to be 100% completely honest – the best things happening in my life right now – i never could have imagined or dreamed up or visualized.

and i have no expectations on any of them.

i’m just going to let things happen the way they’re going to happen, staying open to positive life changes.

i feel like i’m in a good, exciting & somewhat scary place & i’d like to enjoy it without any judgment or overthinking on my part. 

xxoo, k

3 thoughts on “letting life in

  1. Hey 👋, it’s so nice to hear how happy you are, that’s so awesome that things are looking up for you, stay positive and keep smiling, nobody deserves it more than you.

  2. Your life is like a play. You get to be the playwright, protagonist, producer and director. So you can write in anything you want. Enjoy the journey!

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