let’s raise a glass

yes, this is a glass of dry red.

yes, it’s two in the afternoon.

no, i don’t feel bad about it.

and no, i’m not tipsy.

i actually feel happy. like really happy & really grateful. (still not tipsy)

and i feel like raising a glass right now. a glass to all the good we’ve got going on.

like good chunks of sleep. eating really healthy. or maybe eating our favourite junk food.

going for long walks or enjoying long phone conversations.

great coffee. reading a good book. lighting a beautifully scented candle.

let’s appreciate a quiet & peaceful house first thing in the morning. showering. taking our vitamins. cozy sweaters & sweatpants.

let’s raise a glass to fresh baked bread, junky tv shows & snuggling with our pets & kids.

let’s celebrate discovering new songs that quickly become our favourites, fresh, clean bedding & rays of sunlight that stream through the windows.

let’s smile over old family photos & finding old comics from when we were kids.

let’s toast to the discovery of our new favourite food, a new podcast we can’t get enough of, sunny moments on overcast days & friends that text & call to check up on us.

let’s remember all that is good right now & let’s cheers to this day & to this life.

and let me know in the comments what you are raising a glass to & celebrating these days…

xxoo, k

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