ladies, we’re all in this together

since tomorrow is International Women’s Day, i feel like this is the perfect time to write about something that can come up when a break-up happens & one person starts dating again…

i’m talking about a certain sort of bullying.

by one woman to another.

sometimes the ex. sometimes the new partner.

imagine meeting & starting to see somebody new.

it’s fun & exciting until the day you get an email or facebook message from another woman warning you about what a sleazy, slimy, snake their ex (& your current person) is.

maybe she even lists all the reasons that they didn’t work out, or all the evil things he did to her.

maybe she even thinks she’s doing you a favour & maybe it was done with good intentions… but it’s left you feeling sick. worried. scared that this guy who has been amazing to you so far – is really a jerkface.

well, if you’ve ever done something like this, or are thinking of doing something like this – please don’t do it! 

every relationship is different & people fit together in different ways.

and who knows, maybe your ex & his new partner are meant to be together & they’ll end up happily married with 10 beautiful children.

or maybe they won’t.

either way, it’s none of your business.

the other situation is maybe even more cringey… when you are the ex & the new girlfriend messages you.

to say what, you might be wondering…

to explain to you (the ex) how much better off he is with her.

how amazing their relationship is.

how foolish & stupid you were for not appreciating him more.

okay. coolio.

again – every relationship is different & just because two people couldn’t make it work with each other, doesn’t mean they can’t make it work with somebody else. 

ladies, we’re all in this together.

we don’t need to be trying to tear each other down or compete against each other, stake our claim or claim our territory.

don’t do the jealousy thing, the bitter thing.

it’s not a good look & we are better than this.

life is too short to be worrying or thinking about what everyone else is doing. think about you & what would make your life the best it can be.

and if you really feel the need to reach out to another woman – please make sure it’s a loving, encouraging & positive message!

and on that note – feel free to leave a comment below or join us on instagram, facebook & twitter!

xxoo, k

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