just stop it already

“stop stopping yourself”

this was one of the very first quotes i wrote out in this old dollar store notebook i found while unpacking some boxes about a year ago.

i had just moved in with my mama after leaving my marriage & i found myself wondering if i had done the right thing.

am i giving up too soon? should we give it another go? isn’t this the person i’m supposed to be with forever?

i felt lost & maybe like i was losing my mind too.

then i saw “stop stopping yourself” on a friend’s Facebook page & it really made me feel something.

anger. at myself.

why was i stopping myself from leaving a situation that wasn’t very good for me? from fighting for my happiness? from moving on?

that quote ran through my head for months after that.

it also got me through the past several days of starting “afternoons with Harley”. those closest to me have heard me yap constantly about starting an online space to share my thoughts & my story & hopefully build a community where others feel comfortable sharing their journeys too.

but for the last six months or so, i’ve been stopping myself.

worried about people thinking i’m weak or pathetic. concerned about how my friends & coworkers will react. scared my family will think i’m going to post a bunch of personal details about them.

i was stopping myself from taking a chance on something i want. something i love doing. so, i made this picture of Harls & the quote my screensaver, crossed my fingers & went for it.

i’m still scared. still freaked right out. but at least if something is going to stop me from doing this – it’s certainly not going to be me!

so… what are you stopping yourself from doing? asking for a raise? asking that person for coffee? saying “yes” to something? saying “no”?

i’d love for you to share your thoughts below…

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