i’ve got goals


the first thought that pops into my head when that 3am alarm goes off each work day is ‘f*** this’.

then i try to roll over & go back to bed. but it’s not too long before another thought takes it’s place.

this one says ‘i’ve got goals’.

it’s actually something my baby brother said to me one day when i asked him why he commuted 2 hours every day to a job that at the time he wasn’t in love with. he simply told me ‘because i’ve got goals’. that has always stuck with me.

now i hear them every morning in my own head because i too – have goals.

nothing too big or planned out, because to be honest even the word ‘goals’ makes me sweat, but these are things that drive me out of bed in the morning.

i want to go out there & serve & contribute to my community. i want to create something fun & exciting with my friends. i want to have my afternoons free to hang out with my new rescue pup & to write this blog.

that 3am alarm – even though it is the very worst part of my day – makes it possible for all the other amazing things in my day that i love & want to do.

that 3am alarm allows me to reach my ‘goals’ every day.

i feel some massive resistance to it but since i know it’s crucial to living the life i want – i try to focus on the benefits that come from it.

i know i have to go through some tough things to get to the things that i really want.

if you find yourself avoiding or dreading the thing you don’t want to do, but need to do, to get to where you want to be – maybe try repeating to yourself ‘i’ve got goals’.

it works for me every morning.

xxoo, k

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