& it all counts


we all have our story… & we’re writing it every day… even if we don’t realize it…

this long weekend when i was decluttering & going through some old junk, i found some journals from the last couple of years.

reading through them i was surprised at all the happy moments that i had written about.

honestly the last two years have been pretty dark & depressing for me… but there were all these little tiny moments of happiness & joy that i had written down.

at the time, i guess they didn’t seem like such a big deal because i was always so damn miserable, but looking back now i can see (or read) that the last couple years weren’t all bad.

there were times when i was actually enjoying myself & smiling.

it’s those times, combined with the horrible ones, that will make up those chapters of my life.

they’re all part of the story. my story.

i’ve always loved journaling as a way to centre myself & clear my mind & it’s always been so good for my mental health but it turns out it’s pretty good for my heart too.

and i’m so glad that i continue to write things down, so that i can look back & see every little piece of my story.

like my isolation story.

while there’s not a lot going on in my life right now & the outside world is pretty scary, there are still some amazing things to write about. 

like taking the dog for walk in the early morning before it gets too hot in the afternoon. it’s such a beautiful way to start the day & the mornings have a completely different energy than the afternoons or evenings.

or like finding a new, fairly easy recipe for some healthy-ish cookies i can snack on while i write (that actually taste really good)!

these little moments might seem so insignificant but they’re all a part of my story.

like the ones that make you smile, the ones that scare the heck out of you, the ones that break your heart… they’re all a part of your story & they all count.

but these days, i am trying my hardest to focus on the happy little moments… so if you come across a moment of joy or there’s something that is making your heart happy these days… please share in the comments below!

i’d love to know what’s making you smile lately…

xxoo, k

One thought on “& it all counts

  1. It sounds like you have been through quite a lot in the last couple of years, and yet on screen you were able to hide those times that you were probably very miserable inside.
    We all have a story to tell and I pray that in time that past that may come up once in awhile can somewhat disappear. It won’t all go away, but sometimes those ones that hang around have been learning points for me. I hope and pray we can talk someday about things we have both gone through and maybe it will be of some benefit for both of us.
    Praying for you Kahla.

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