ignore the idiots

this is for anyone feeling a little rejected right now!

whether it was a romantic interest or a job opportunity or something else that you put yourself out there for.

that you got your hopes up for.

that you were picturing best case scenario for.

i feel you. it sucks. it hurts.

it can turn you into a bitter bug real quick, thinking some not so kind thoughts, like them forgetting their coffee cup on the roof of their vehicle & driving away.

or running out of toilet paper in this pandemic.

but you know you’re bigger than that.

you’re bigger than the pain they put you in.

they’re not in your life for a reason & if you don’t know that reason – just tell yourself it’s because they’re an idiot & move on!

know that you’re better off without them.

you are so good you probably don’t even know how good you really are!

how smart & funny & kind you are.

how creative & loving & beautiful you really are inside & out.

please, please, please promise me that you won’t let their actions make you feel like you’re not the wonderful, sparkly person you truly are.

and if you’re going through some sort of painful breakup or the end of something, feel free to reach out in the comments below, or find us on instagram, facebook & twitter!

xxoo, k

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