hey everyone

i’d like to take a moment to welcome you to our afternoons.

afternoons with harley.

our community for those feeling broken or brokenhearted.

a place to share, grieve, cry, rant, type in all caps – whatever you need to feel better – you’re safe & you certainly won’t be judged.

i’ve been there. a lot of us have.

screamed till we lost our voice. cried till we puked. stopped eating. bathing. caring.

for a good year after leaving my marriage & my old life i barely lived any kind of life.

but over the last several years, i’ve learned there are ways to cope, heal, grow & actually live again – no matter how bad things feel at the time.

and that’s what i write & speak about here. how i used my afternoons with my dog harley, books, therapy & my own broken heart to live again.

messages from my mistakes while living in & eventually leaving a relationship chock full of betrayal, addiction & abuse from the person i loved the most.

and hopefully you’ll be able to avoid some pain or find some support in these stories.

when i think of any other human having to go through what i did, i want to hug them until they realize they deserve so much better & that they can most certainly can have it.

but since that’s not an option, i’ll write. and speak. and listen.

so welcome to our afternoons & if you’d like to share anything at anytime, you can always pop into the comments or send a dm or email.

xxoo, k

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