hello 2020

although i am one of those people who love a fresh start, love mondays, a new week, a new month, a new year – i am not that good at actually implementing any changes that would give me that fresh start.

i don’t clear out the old to welcome in the new.

i don’t create a schedule or plan.

in fact i hate schedules & plans & routines… they feel restricting & leave me rebelling against them.

diets & new year resolutions included.

and everyone talking about 2020 & a new decade has me feeling like maybe i should have started getting myself on track with some new goals & dreams way back in december!

i listen to several podcasts & read way too many books that are encouraging me to reflect on the year that was – before i move into the year that will be & honestly i have been really stuck for a really long time on some of those answers.

what was so good about 2019? for me – not much.

at least that’s what i thought.

most of my 2019 was spent in survival mode. going through the motions, everything just slightly out of focus. not accomplishing much. not doing much of anything.

but this morning, driving to work (without one of those podcasts preaching at me) i realized that 2019 was actually a whole 12 months of fresh starts:

i started this blog

i filed for divorce

i changed my name

i got my very first tattoo

i made two new friends that have become like sisters to me

i got the job i wanted

i saved up for my own little house – all on my own

and i adopted a new dog

maybe i’ve been on a roll all along & i’m ahead of the game. and all i have to do now is keep going until i get to where i want to be.

so tonight – i’ll toast to myself & the progress i’ve made so far.

happy new year friends & hello to 2020!

xxoo, k

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