having fun

“don’t forget to have fun”

sounds pretty simple, hey?

this quote i scribbled down around this time last year & even though it’s beyond simple – it’s beyond important.

this weekend i noticed two really huge things… #1 being that i haven’t been having a whole lot of fun & #2 being that i have had plenty of opportunities to be having said fun.

now since my birthday fell on a tuesday this year, mom offered to host my friends & i on the weekend.

**side note: since leaving my marriage & the house we lived in, i’ve been staying with family in order to save up for my own little home**

and honestly – i was a little unsure of this shindig. my mama is a fantastic hostess & she seriously should have her own party planning business… but she does live in a small town almost an hour away from where my friends live.

but we went ahead & planned it for friday the 13th anyway (since i’m a little spooky & a lot superstitious), bought the food & invited some of my most favourite people.

i know i have some really amazing gals in my life & i know they’re super sweet & kind & smart & funny… i’m obviously friends with them for a reason – but i was kind of shocked that they said yes.

on a friday night? after a long week of work? driving to a small town that most of them had never been to before? i felt like i was asking a lot.

by now my heart was already bursting with all the love. but by friday, it was kinda breaking instead.

snow was coming down like crazy & the roads were becoming too dangerous to drive on.

so i made the decision to cancel the party since i wanted my friends to be safe.

and you know what? my very best friend from elementary school showed up friday night anyway. in the snow.

and then the next day, saturday, my other girlfriends showed up too. with wine, food, gifts & treats.

and mama threw us a fabulous party in our sweatpants & pajamas. and it was probably the most fun i have had all year.

this morning over coffee, when everyone had left, mama commented on how lucky i was to have such great friends that loved me so much & i couldn’t agree more.

this past year i’ve been so focused on what i’ve lost, i never even noticed that i had somehow built up this amazing group of smart, strong, incredible women around me.

and since i’ve been focusing on what’s gone, i’ve been mourning what i feel like i’ve lost – instead of looking at what i have now & having fun.

so that’s another commitment i’m making to myself this year – look for the happy, fun moments.

and when there aren’t enough of them – create them.

xxoo, k 

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