happy halloween

today is my favourite day of the year.

of all 365 days, october 31st, halloween, all hallows’ eve, all saints’ eve – has always been my day.

like i’m pretty sure i like it more than christmas & my birthday combined.

the spooky stuff gets me.

i’ve always loved horror movies, scary stories & creepy classic characters like dracula, the mummy & werewolves.

even now as an adult i’m still super into witches & magic.

tonight is obviously different from past halloweens but honestly, it doesn’t look all that different for me.

i’m still staying at home, watching scary movies with the dog, eating candy & keeping an eye on the door for any little trick-or-treaters.

and that makes me pretty lucky.

i know lots of people are missing out on a lot of things they love about the spooky season.

i know there are kids out there disappointed that they’re not going trick-or-treating & parents disappointed that they’re not able to enjoy that tradition with their little ghosts & ghouls.

and my heart goes out to you guys if you’re feeling more sad than spooky right now.

i remember easter being the first major holiday that was impacted back at the beginning of this whole thing & i joked to my friends ‘well as long as halloween isn’t taken from me’…

and here we are.

happy halloween everyone… at least we’re here together.

so if you are going out tonight – please be careful.

and if you’ll be in your skeleton jammies eating mini mars bars like me – happy halloween.

let’s keep it spooky, smart & safe & hopefully we’ll be doing the monster mash together in person this time next year.

in the meantime, share your halloween plans & tag me in the photos on instagram, facebook or twitter!

happy halloween everyone!!

xxoo, k

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