happy birthday to me

officially woke up as a 32-year-old woman today!

i am one of those people who LOVE birthdays. everyone’s – not just mine & i’ve been known to celebrate whole birthday weeks.

i mean, this is the one time of the year that’s just for you. all about you. and i firmly believe that everyone should be celebrated & honoured on their birthday.

the big day is also so exciting for me because each one of mine has been so different. i’m usually in a new place or city, since i move around so much for work.

sometimes my family is near me, most times not (this year, thankfully they are!).

and over the past couple of birthdays i’ve been in madly in love, newlywed & newly separated.

so when thinking about what i truly wanted for my birthday this year, one idea kept popping up over the past few days.

a break.

not a vacation or a girl’s weekend shopping trip or even an afternoon at the spa.

just a break.

i definitely have spent most of my last couple of decades trying to be a lot of things to a lot of people.

i’ve spent way too much time putting others first, making huge sacrifices, measuring my worth by my accomplishments, feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of keeping up a certain image…

you know, the things so many of us do!

but i think i’ve served my time. i’ve proved my worth. done my part to make everybody else happy & comfortable.

so thirty-two feels like a good time to make some changes. take a good look at my priorities, maybe be a little more selfish, do more for me.

not suddenly become irresponsible or bail on my commitments. or leave my people hanging. or be a bad friend.

but commit to me more. be a friend to me too.

live the next three plus decades for me.

so what do i want for my birthday this year? other than a break?

the courage to choose myself. the strength to be okay with letting other people down sometimes.

and sleep. i could always use more sleep.

xxoo, k

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