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‘what if instead of trying to solve your whole life, you just try to add one good thing at a time & let your pile of good things grow’

this is another oldie but a goodie quote.

i think my first instinct & maybe this is just a human thing – is to look for a solution right away.

focus on the problem or on what’s not working & try to eliminate it or squash it as quickly as possible, so that i can feel better as soon as possible.

i found out early last year though, when everything was kind of negative & everything was kind of bad, that it was too overwhelming to work like that.

i actually had no idea where to start – so i started small – in the opposite direction.

i would go for ice cream with my mama, to a show in the park with my friends, for a walk with my favourite music or for a drive on a sunny late fall day.

it was around that time that a friend of mine posted one photo a day on social media of their ‘happy moment’ – a highlight of the day.

inspired by that, i started writing my ‘happy moment’ down in my journal before bed every night & it wasn’t long before that one thing became a whole list of good things.

it pleasantly surprised me how many little things happened in the day, that when i took a second to think about them & appreciate them, it made a world of difference.

sometimes i even read that list as soon as i wake up in the morning to remind myself that life really is good.

i mean i still have bad days & rotten moments – but through this practice i’ve found that even though the bad may still be there, i’m not thinking about it as much & i’m not as obsessed with trying to fix everything.

i’m just letting my tiny pile of good things grow into a big pile of good things – a pile of great things.

and i find myself relying on this practice more than ever right now.

lately my list at the end of the day includes things like:


–taking the dog for a beautiful walk

–waving to other drivers out on the road

–listening to my favourite song in the middle of the afternoon

–nailing that homemade latte

–enjoying pictures of other’s home office setups with their kids playing in the background

–doing some light stretching in a little sunny spot in the living room

–video chatting & texting friends.


little tiny things but they do add up & when you see them in a pile or on a big list at the end of the day, it can really change how you’re feeling & how you’re thinking.

do you do something like this? gratitude list maybe? let me know some of your favourite little things in the comments below!

xxoo, k

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